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Cleaning and greening vacant properties can reduce gun violence by as much as 29%.

This tool can empower community groups and organizations trying to clean and green vacant properties to reduce gun violence.

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Cleaning lot in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has a gun violence problem.

With homicides trending up since 2013, and a record high of 562 gun deaths in 2021, community members need concrete solutions. Many solutions focus on long-term impact, including nearly 80% of the City of Philadelphia’s anti-violence spending, but immediate, actionable approaches are also needed.

Cleaning and greening reduces violence by 29%.

Research shows that greening and cleaning vacant properties is one of the most impactful, cost-effective interventions available to reduce gun violence in a neighborhood. Dr. Eugenia South and her team have demonstrated that greening vacant lots in Philadelphia reduced gun violence by as much as 29% in the surrounding area.

Community groups and organizations are taking action.

Community groups have been cleaning up lots in their own neighborhoods for decades. Large organizations like the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society have cleaned, greened and now maintain thousands of lots. Their efforts have been instrumental in proving this approach works.

We are building the ultimate toolkit to help them.

We are a group of volunteers with a vision to empower local residents and organizations to reduce gun violence through data-driven environmental interventions in Philadelphia.

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    Find a Vacant Property
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    Get Access to the Property
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    Transform the Property

Find vacant properties that match your goals.

You can search and find vacant properties that match your goals. Use our data to understand those properties and how to take action.

Find Properties

Get data-driven suggestions on how to legally get access.

Getting legal access to a property is often a barrier. We use our data to help you understand your options and get support.

Get Access

See all the ways you can transform properties.

We suggest a range of ways to transform properties to reduce gun violence, and connect you to resources to help you do it.


Let's Do This!

Groups across Philadelphia are already taking action to reduce gun violence. Join them!

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